Enjoy LIVE,I love NADIAD

Enjoy LIVE,I love NADIAD
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A group of Singers, Musician & Music technicians which was formed by Mr. Amit Patel as he decided the name “Disha Vrund” to give servings as as an offering to his guru & his guru’s daughter’s name become the name of the group.

Disha Vrund has jointly collaborated with Chetak Sports Club to make Chetak Navratri outstanding...... even after that, Mr. Amit Patel continued his performances with the leading singer & his better half Mrs. Nila Patel in Anand for many years. The group stepped up & up by its uniqueness in music compositions, singers and maintaining traditionalities in Garba.

But now once again the time has come for Nadiadis to re-energise themselves with the excellent music, superb singing and extraordinary music systems with Amit & Nila Patel.

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